Bordering Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders, Midlothian offers property investors a high level of return on their investment. This is thanks partly to the strong rental demand in this area. Tenants are attracted to this historic area because of the stunning scenery and excellent transports links to both the City of Edinburgh and the central belt. Selecting the right tenants for your property is our primary concern. As a company, we go to great lengths to ensure we find the right tenant for your property. Guardian Estates is a boutique residential lettings company. This means that we are able to properly look after your single property or property portfolio and provide our landlords with the service they expect.

Guardian Estates are well positioned to help advise landlords with their Midlothian property management requirements. We methodically ensure that our residential property portfolio is above or at market rent. This ensures that we are able to give our landlords the maximum return on investment.

At  Guardian Estates we provide a completely bespoke property management service tailored to your needs. We can manage a single property or a portfolio of properties on your behalf. Our comprehensive property management provides our landlords expert residential letting services in a tailored manor to suit every individual landlords requirements.

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