From its establishment in 2011 Melville has prospered and grown into a leading advisory firm of enviable repute. With the fair treatment of clients underpinning their business, they do not discriminate and thus offer quality personal service across the board and in doing so help clients reach an informed decision on matters of a core or specialist nature from the whole of the market place.

They believe that you are unique and so is your wealth. Melville Independent plc is committed to be at your side, protecting what you have, developing it, and eventually passing on your wealth to those important to you. You can count on their experience and their expertise when working with us to create, execute and evolve strategies so your wealth is best placed to suit your requirements. 

Guardian Estates are in partnership with Melville Independent plc to enable us to provide our clients with a complete unbiased market financial advice on: property, pension planning, insurance, investments mortgages and tax planning. This strategic partnership will allow our clients to protect their earnings and liabilities as well as plan and ensure their money is working effectively for them. We look to work with people that we can build up long term working relationships with.

For an initial meeting at no cost to you, to start the conversation around your individual financial plan with regards to pension planning, mortgages and financial planning please contact Matthew Irvine.                 

His contact details are:

Matthew Y Irvine                                                                                                                                                               07470 037 392                                                                                                                                                                   0131 260 2760